Ragim Risers

  Ragim Bows are manufactured in Italy in a ISO9001 certified factory.   Each piece is made to strict specifications and goes thru a rigorous testing process.  Ragim has made bows for most major American bow manufacturers, but eventually they went to less expensive countries for their equipment.   Ragim has continued to innovate and move forward with design features that make them special.

  Every Ragim Riser (Except ILF) has the patented Ragim "Bow Tuning System" which allows the archer to tune their now to their exact specifications.  More info on the BTS is available here:    http://www.nationalsportsales.com/bow-tuning-system-1.html

  Another great use of the BTS is if you accidentally twist a limb, either while stringing, or because of warping- you may be able to get the string back straight with the BTS, and not have to wait on a replacement set of Limbs.