Chiba Gloves BioXCell Classic Bike Gloves Red Large

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The Chiba BioXCell Classic is a well made glove that utilizes high quality materials to produce a quality glove.  The Upper Hand is made of Elastic, Breathable materials for a perfect fit and good ventilation.  The palm is made of Synthetic Leather for a nice "feel", and has Chiba's BioXCell Padding that helps protect against "Numb" and "Tingling" fingers.  BioXCell padding protects your Ulnar nerve and the Carpal Tunnel.  There is also a reflecting Logo for safety, a clip to hold the gloves together when not in use, a Terrycloth Thunb to wipe away moisture, and a Quick Pull Tab to help remove the gloves.   Can be washed is water to 85f (Cold).


  • Robust palm made of fine synthetic leather
  •  BioXCell padding – 2-stage, anatomic gel cushion avoids numb fingers
  •  Ulnar nerve & carpal tunnel
  • protection - The gel padding reduces the pressure on the ulnar nerve and the carpal tunnel
  •  Reflecting logo and stripes on the upper hand
  •  Quick-Pull pull-off aid
  •  “Easy-Clip” - holds the gloves together
  •  Terry thumb to wipe off the sweat
  •  Washable up to 30 °C


Why do your hands get Numb?

The hand is traversed by two central nerve tracts, the ulnar nerve and the carpal nerve. When carpal tunnel syndrome is used colloquially, several problems are usually lumped together. As can be seen in the drawing, the ulnar nerve leads to the outer ball of the hand to the little and ring fingers. It is not as sensitive to bending the hand, but is negative to pressure in the ball of the hand. With racing bike handlebars in particular, the pressure on the outer palm and thus on the ulnar nerve is maximum. This pressure leads to numbness and weaknesses in the hand muscles. A second source of problems is the central nerve (median nerve). It runs through a narrow tunnel in the wrist (carpal tunnel). Pressure and bending the hand leads to the well-known carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome leads to numbness and weaknesses in the thumb, middle and forefinger. In severe cases, the numbness disappears long after the bike tour or gets worse overnight, as the tissue of the hand tends to swell slightly at night.

BioXCell can help

The BioXCell padding consists of an ergonomic 2-level special gel cushion that lies over the ulnar nerve in the palm area. The almost 0.8 cm thick ergonomic padding optimally protects the ulnar nerve. At the same time, the pressure points of the handlebars on the hand are changed and the pressure on the middle of the hand or carpal tunnel is greatly reduced. With BioXCell from Chiba, the numbness in the hands is gone in 80% of cases. If there are still problems with the hands despite BioXCell, the handlebars and grip position must be changed in addition to the gloves. Please also make sure that the glove is not too big, as in this case the ergonomic BioXCell padding is not positioned correctly (it is too far out) and does not work properly.         



Chiba History

             More than 160 years ago Chiba was appointed by the Austrian emperor to be the supplier of gloves for the imperial family due to the high quality of their products and their skills. Manufacturing gloves has always been a special skill. In former times it was necessary to select the right leather, tan it, sand it down to the correct thickness, stretch it and cut it to shape. A single mistake by the glove maker meant that the entire glove was unusable. But even today the demands regarding quality, functionality and durability are still high.

It is only possible to meet these high standards by thoroughly controlling and checking the production steps right from the beginning. Chiba purchases all the raw materials, suppliers are obliged to meet high quality standards and the patterns are designed by trained glove makers and sewn by experienced seamstresses.

Our own ISO 9001 certified production has enabled Chiba to become more deeply involved in the development and manufacture of gloves than any other manufacturer putting them in the position to offer the best quality, functionality, the highest possible protection and extreme durability of the products all of which you can benefit from.